Advantage 1-on-1
The focus of Advantage one-on-one is the dairy producer. Providing what he or she needs in a timely manner enabling the producer to make productions decisions specific to the opportunity. Having the producers concern as the priority, informed and timely decisions are made, creating an advantage for dairy farms in North Carolina. Specific inquiry, such as the impacts of including a particular mineral supplement into your ration, or a more general request for information about parlor designs, Advantage one-on-one is your primary resource. No concern to large or topic too small for your one- on- one experience.
Farm Assessment
Knowing where your business is headed is dependent upon understanding where it has been. The Dairy Farm Assessment Program is a comprehensive measurement of a dairy farms performance with the goal of identifying and prioritizing possible opportunities and providing recommended solutions. From a financial perspective to herd health, nutrition, milk quality, reproduction, and management, a Dairy Farm Assessment analyzes each segment of a dairy business, individually and collectively. This snapshot of the farm allows Dairy Advantage and the producer to assess strengths and weakness as well as potential threats and opportunities. The Dairy Farm Assessment helps the producer outline his/her goals for the next five to ten years, based on the current state of the farm business.
Farm Profit Teams
The Dairy Farm Profit Team is a producer-led group that helps to address various areas of the dairy business with the goal of increasing farm profitability and farm management efficiency. The producer decides who is on the team, perhaps a veterinarian, nutritionist, accountant, or other consultants or key advisers. Members of the Dairy Farm Profit Team provide insight into areas of the business, report back on research, answer questions, and offer suggestions to help the producer make more effective and efficient farm management decisions.
Dairy 20/40
A new addition to North Carolina Dairy Advantage is the establishment of local networks amongst 20- 40 year old producers. We are providing them with opportunities; enabling them to be the best producers they can be. Preparing future generations, as well as new producers to the industry, will build a platform for the dairy future to thrive on. Community roundtables, industry connections, state wide training and more will provide producers with the tools needs to be successful and profitable.
Relocation and Startup Assistance
Assistance in seeking opportunities for relocation within and to North Carolina, as well as business planning for startup dairies. Dairy Advantage can assist in finding potential dairies to lease, dairies to buy, and/or locate land to start a new dairy in North Carolina.
Continuation Planning
Farm transition is a unique and crucial part of a dairy. Offering assistance to dairy farm families in creating and implementing farm transition plans can be daunting. North Carolina Dairy Advantage can assist with financial decisions, legal information, and farm management, allowing you to focus on your family.
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