The North Carolina Dairy Producers Association

• Represents the interests of NC dairy producers on important issues.

• Seeks all producers’ views on regulatory and legislative issues and presents producers positions with a unified voice.

• Works on promotional, educational, economic, and social issues to protect producer’s interests and to benefit the NC dairy industry.

• Is the host of the annual NC Dairy Conference.

• Works in partnership with NCSU, NCDA&CS, and NC Dairy Advantage for the benefit of NC dairy producers.

• Is led and directed by 15 NC dairy producers and 3 ex-officio directors. Directors are volunteers and work without any compensation. NCDPA is a 501 (c) 5 non-profit corporation.

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President: Reid Smith
Vice-President: Andrew Lail
Secretary: Cameron Eaker
Treasurer: Corey Lutz

Board of Directors
Corey Lutz • Reid Smith • Cameron Eaker • Matthew Johnson • Bobby Allen • Andrew Lail • Jeff Cornwell • Coy Reese • Myles Payne • Daniel Chapman • Dennis Leamon • Chris Bowman • Michael Lee • Eliott Smith • Vickie Smitherman

Ex Officio Directors
Steve Lathrop (NCDA&CS) • Chester Lowder (NCFB) • Steve Washburn (NCSU)

Advisory Committee
Dr. Geoff Benson • Dr. Shannon Davidson • Jim Howie • Jimmy Gentry • Elizabeth Moretz • Leigh Lane • Jerry Pless • Bob Shipley • Nancy Keith • Jim Byington • Jamie Cantrell • Larry Seamans • Clark Felder • Tom Ellis • Brent Buchanan • Marti Price • Brittany Whitmire • Norman Jordan